Three days close to the radio shack…


Taking the opportunity of a few days off, with renovating the room next door Tropo to Canary 14052015the shack as objective, it was easy to monitor what was going on the bands. Hence, I have been lucky enough to work some nice DX’s on 144 MHz. It all started on Thursday May 14th in the morning, with a MS sked with Fernando, EA8TX (IL18QI). Though the 3018 km distance, it unexpectedly succeeded quite easily, in just one hour (and without any chat assistance !). However, as depicted on the right, it is worth to mention that the sea tropo between Portugal / Spain and the Canary Islands was very good, a prerequisite to a successful MS QSO. During the QSO, I received 5 reflections from Fernando, 3 pings (160ms/6dB, 120ms/2dB and 120ms/6dB) and 2 bursts (340ms/6dB and 4sec/7dB). What has been decoded from the longest reflection is shown on the WSJT screenshot.

Screenshot EA8TX

In the afternoon, a few OH stations have been worked on 70 MHz in Es. The following day, beside 2 new 144 MHz EME initials worked in digi mode (SP5QAT and KB7Q), there has been a nice and long Es opening on 70 MHz. 9H and LZ have been both worked as new DXCC’s on that band. 9H1BT was coming in 59+++ for several hours. Listen to him here :


Map North RonaMartin, GM6VXB/P, located on North Rona island in the “wet” square IO79CC was kind enough to accept a MS sked request with me. We started the QSO and I received a full period signal from Martin, sending me a 58 report ! It quickly turned out that there were tropo conditions between us, over that 1130 km path. We made the QSO in SSB and exchanged 52/53 reports. Though the William Hepburn maps were predicting some tropo enhancement, this nice QSO was somehow unexpected too. A big thank to Martin. I’m even more pleased of it that I’m fascinated by these isolated (Scottish) islands. North Rona is now uninhabited but it has been in the past ; how could people survive in such harsh conditions ?




The long lasting 70 MHz Es opening eventually reached a MUF (Maximum Usable Frequency) of 144 MHz in the late afternoon and SV2DCD, SV6KRV and SV6KRW have been worked on 2m. After the Es-less 2014 season, it was pleasant to work Es again. Listen to George and Apostolos’ signals :



Finally, in the evening, a few OZ’s were worked on 144 MHz with strong signals, especially Dan OZ1BEF, as a result of the tropo enhancement over the North Sea Tropo over North See 16052015having moved eastwards. At the same time, the SK6VHF beacon was received 559 but no SM station heard around. On Saturday, OE6IWG was worked in digi EME as a new initial on 144 MHz. The last QSO with Walter dates back from 1998 ; it was a MS QSO in HSCW (High Speed CW), during the “pre-FSK441” era. As a cherry on the cake, Jorgen, OZ1HNE, was worked in CW EME during the ATP (Activity Time Period), in a pure random style. Jorgen has a superb reception, being able to dig out my very moderate ERP signal out of the noise. Last but not least, the works in the room have progressed the right way ;o)

Travaux chambre


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