Subregional VHF contest of May 2015


During the WE of May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, I have been partly taking part to the VHF subregional contest. Not very good propagation, except perhaps towards South-East (see below a recording of IZ1POA), and a very little participation of French and British stations (these lasts were not in contest however this WE).

# QSO’s : 175
Points : 71620
# DXCC : 12 (I, G, F, EA, HB9, OE, OK, OZ, SM, DL, ON, PA)
# WWL : 65
Average km/QSO : 409,3

Top 10 DX QSO’s :

EA2TO         IN93GF  916 km
OE1W	      JN77TX  893 km
IQ4AX         JN54KK  859 km
OK1KHL        JO80AC  858 km
OK1KCR        JN79VS  846 km
OL4K          JO70TQ  821 km
F6DRO         JN03TJ  820 km
F4CWN         JN03KN  816 km
OK1KKI        JN79NF  813 km
SK7MW         JO65MJ  807 km

Listen to the signal of IZ1POA (JN44OQ – 766 km) :


ON4KHG Subregional VHF May 2015


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