My station


One finds here a description of my radio station, band per band.

I’m using a Kenwood TS-440S transceiver and as antenna, either a multiband Windom FD-4, either a 5/8 ground mounted vertical for the 10 m band. I’m very few active in HF.

70 MHz
A Yaesu FT-857D is used as driver on a 28 MHz IF, it is followed by a Transverter 28-70 MHz and a OZ2M designed PA. The power is 20W. The antenna is a 5 el. YU7EF (3 m long boom -it should have been difficult to install a longer antenna, given the load on the tower and the mutual interference with the 144 MHz antenna-).

144 MHz
As for the 70 MHz, I’m using the Yaesu FT-857D as driver of (28 MHz) a subsequent transverter. The transceiver is followed by an interface. Both the transceiver and the interface are located in the shack.
Between the shack and the tower, there is 55 m of RG213 coax cable.
At the foot of the tower, in a cabinet, one finds a Transverter 28-144 MHz and a 600W SSPA (MRF6VP2600H). From the SSPA to the antenna, there is 16 m of  1/2″ low loss coax cable (Eupen 5128) + 6 m of Ecoflex 10 up to the radiating dipole of the antenna.
The antenne is a 12 el. DK7ZB (4wl), 17 m agl and 117 m asl, without elevation capability. This system is used for the terrestrial traffic, as well as for EME when the moon is below 15° of elevation. Otherwise, when elevation is needed, a system of 2×9 el. DK7ZB 3,5 m agl is used.

For the local FM traffic FM (and sometimes also for Es), I’m using the same FT-857D or a FT-7800 together with a 5/8 vertical 12 m agl. I’m QRV D-STAR with an Icom ID-51 transceiver but not much active in this mode. For the DMR reception, a RTL-SDR dongle is used.

1296 MHz
I have a Transverter 144-1296 MHz (10 W) and a 35 el. F9FT antenna.
Driver : FT-857D or IC-202.
No QRV for the moment.

10368 MHz
Only active as ON4KHG/P, although the take-off (good 360° around) would permit to be active from home, my tower doesn’t allow to set up too many antennas. So, no dish (even a small one) is installed. No time left for the moment for any /P activity.

I’m using a Prime Focus 48 cm dish and a Transverter & PA DB6NT 144-10368 MHz (3 W).
Driver : FT-857D or IC-202.


All the equipement described above is complemented by other devices, most of them being home made : CW key, Interface Audio/Transceiver/Micro.Interface for Transverter and a SDR system.

Amongst the non home made equipment, there are power supplies, a Hi-Fi amplifier and an equalizer.

For the moon tracking, I’m using an antenna controller ERC-3D by Rene, DF9GR, together with the software PstRotator by Codrut, YO3DMU. Both are excellent stuff I highly recommend.


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