Subregional VHF contest of July 2015

During the WE of July 4th and 5th, 2015, I have been partly taking part to the VHF subregional contest. Due to family and festive duties, I have only been active around 10 hours, mainly operating in DX S&P (“Searching & Pouncing”) mode. Just few CQ sessions at the end. Flat conditions around, except to the North-East where the signals were above normal but relatively few activity. Pity that the OZ stations usually worked during the NAC (“Nordic Activity Contest”) of Tuesday are not active at all during other contests. Surprised and pleased to easily work LA0BY (ODX 1125 km) and I5PVA/6. Very few activity in the South-East of France and less OK/OL’s than usual.

# QSO’s : 131
Points : 62039
# DXCC : 16 (I, G, GM, GW, EI, LA, SP, F, HB9, OE, OK, OZ, SM, DL, ON, PA)
# WWL : 72
Average km/QSO : 473,6

Top 10 DX QSO’s :

LA0BY         JO59IX     1125 km  
I5PVA/6       JN63GN     1016 km  
OE1W          JN77TX      893 km  
F6KPH/P       JN03CB      885 km  
OL7M          JO80FG      885 km  
OZ5GX         JO57FJ      865 km  
IQ4AX         JN54KK      859 km  
OK1KCR        JN79VS      846 km  
SF7WT         JO65QQ      843 km  
F6DRO         JN03TJ      820 km

VHF Contest July 2015