Perseids / Perséides 2019

Quick summary of the Perseids 2019 on 144 MHz. Between August 8th and 18th, 2019, I made 43 QSO’s with the following stations : UT2UB, EW7AW, SP8OOU, EA4SG, OK2WO, EU4AX, C37MS, 9A3MR, SM3LBN, SP2MHR, UA3LID, UT9UR, LA/SM5EPO (JP72, 75, 76), SQ5GVY, SP7QJF, OH1ND, OH1MN, EM44T, UT7KF, OG2Z, YO2LSP, YU7ON, RA1TL, R5WM, SM4GGC, LZ0C, US8AR, UT8AL, EA3MS, OH1XT, SM3XGV, EB5EEO, CT7ABA, SF6F (2 QSO’s), S50TA, S51ZO, LZ2FO, SV2JAO, YO2BBT and HA6VV.

I omit the reports on purpose (MS Sprint Contest). The furthest station worked was R5WM over 2166 km. Amongst other 2000 km+ QSO’s, US8AR was using 100W/9el and UT8AL used only 25W/21el ! On August 18th in the morning, during the YO Marathon, 9A, Italian FD contests, there was an outburst. I worked YO2BBT in SSB but failed to complete with YO7FWS during a 1 min MS burst. Both called me at the end of a Tropo QSO with OK1RDO, also in OK Contest.

Most of the above mentioned QSO’s were random, few ones by taking a sked on ON4KST. 32 out of the 43 were made using MSK144, 10 were in FSK441 and 1 in SSB.

Squares worked (click on the maps below to enlarge) :

Perseids 2019

I didn’t notice a real peak of the Perseids, or perhaps on the 13th in the early morning. Also visually, it wasn’t that much a fireworks, at least when I watched outside ! This year during the Perseids, we “suffered” from the same newbies we face in FT8 : people ignoring what MS is all about, calling you via Tropo and using uncoordinated 15 sec periods, just because it is embedded as is in WSJT-X…

By making some data processing (excluding the stations < 800 km) with exports from PSK reporter in Excel and kml mapping tools outputing into Google Earth (drop me a mail at to know how to), one comes up with the map of all the stations I heard (mostly MSK144) during the Perseids (the furthest heard was UR3EE at 2314 km) :

Stations received by ON4KHG Perseids 2019

By making a likewise data processing for the stations that heard ON4KHG, we have (furthest was RA3EL at 2206 km) :

Stations who received ON4KHG Perseids 2019Space

Meteor-Scatter – Perseids 2015

Voici un bref résumé des QSO’s réalisés sur 144 MHz (2 QSO’s sur 70 MHz) durant la “pluie” de météorites Perséides d’août 2015. Les indicatifs en orange montrent les QSO’s planifiés (“skeds”), tandis que les autres ont été réalisés selon un modus operandi “full random”.
Comme la plupart des QSO’s ont été effectués durant le MS Sprint Contest (par MMMonVHF et DUBUS), les rapports ne sont intentionnellement pas montrés ici.

Here is a brief summary of the QSO’s made on 144 MHz (2 QSO’s on 70 MHz) during the Perseids meteor shower of August 2015. The callsigns in orange indicate scheduled (“skeds”) QSO’s, while others have been made in a full random modus operandi.
Since most of the QSO’s have been made during the MS Sprint Contest (by MMMonVHF and DUBUS), the reports are intentionally not shown hereby.

3/08/2015 EA6XQ JN10VA 2 m. Best 0,28s
9/08/2015 EI9E IO43XW 2 m. Best 3s
10/08/2015 SP/OK1MU KO13NX 2 m. Best 0,68s
10/08/2015 EI9E IO43XW 4 m. Best 10s
11/08/2015 SP/OK1CID KO14NA 2 m. Best 7s
12/08/2015 UX2SB KN28IX 2 m. Best 25s
12/08/2015 LY2WR KO24FO 2 m. Best 6s
12/08/2015 LA8KV JP52QQ 2 m. Best 7s
12/08/2015 E77TK JN84XF 2 m. Best 0,42s
12/08/2015 LY/OK2ZAW KO23BX 2 m. Best 6s
12/08/2015 YL2AO KO16DK 2 m. Best 9s
12/08/2015 YT3N KN04LP 2 m. Best 3s
12/08/2015 DH8BQA JO73CE 4 m. Best 0,32s
12/08/2015 OM8AND KN08OR 2 m. Best 7s
12/08/2015 UA3LID KO64CN 2 m. Best 2s
13/08/2015 TF3CY HP94AD 2 m. Best 4s
13/08/2015 YL2IV KO06LM 2 m. Best 0,42s
13/08/2015 EA4EHI IM68MU 2 m. Best 7s
13/08/2015 RU1A KO48VR 2 m. Best 6s
13/08/2015 IW7DEC JN81GF 2 m. Best 1s
13/08/2015 SM4GGC JO69RK 2 m. Best 8s
13/08/2015 ZB2/ON7EQ IM76HD 2 m. Best 15s
13/08/2015 HA6VV/P JN97WV 2 m. Best 5s
13/08/2015 EW7AW KO54CB 2 m. Best 10s
13/08/2015 SQ5GVY KO02MQ 2 m. Best 20s
13/08/2015 YL2DA KO06MM 2 m. Best 25s
13/08/2015 LY2BUU KO15XH 2 m. Best 10s
13/08/2015 SM2CEW KP15CR 2 m. Best 15s
13/08/2015 SM7SJR JO87FB 2 m. Best 15s
13/08/2015 IS0EBO JN40GR 2 m. Best 0,6s
13/08/2015 LZ1ZX KN32ER 2 m. Best 3s
14/08/2015 SP8SN KO11FI 2 m. Best 4s

QSO map generation - SM7LCB - Google Chrome_2015-08-17_16-00-48