Subregional VHF Contest May/Mai 2016

Court compte rendu du contest VHF subrégional des 7 et 8 mai 2016. J’ai été actif en single op. et seulement durant une partie du contest (environ 10h30). Les conditions de propagation et de participation étaient juste normales ; il semble toutefois que moins de stations OK soient actives.
Merci à tous ceux qui m’ont appelé !
Station habituelle : 12 él. DK7ZB et 550W

Short report of activity in the subregional VHF contest of May 7th and 8th, 2016. I have been active in single op. and only during a part of the contest (around 10h30). The propagation and participation conditions were just normal ; it seems however that less OK stations are active.
Thanks to everyone who called me !

Usual station : 12 el. DK7ZB and 550W

# QSO’s : 200
Points : 77638
# DXCC : 12 (G, F, I, SM, SP, HB9, OE, OK, OZ, DL, ON, PA)
# WWL : 69
Average km/QSO : 388,2

Top 10 DX QSO’s :

F6FZS/P        IN92PX       918 km 
OE1W           JN77TX       893 km
OK1NOR         JO80FG       885 km
OK1KCR         JN79VS       846 km 
SN6J           JO70VX       831 km 
F4CWN          JN03KN       816 km 
SK7MW          JO65MJ       807 km 
IO2V           JN44OQ       766 km 
IW2CTQ         JN44PS       761 km 
DF0FA          JO73CF       760 km

Contest VHF May 2016

Sur la carte, les points en rouge = QSO SSB et ceux en vert = QSO CW.

On the map, the points in red = SSB QSO and the ones in green = CW QSO.